The Kinks
New Orleans 2/20/76
"Schoolboys on Stage"

This is a good audience recording of the band performing the "Schoolboys in Disgrace" album. It is not the complete show - they used to do an opening set of hits and other songs, then would devote the second set to "Schoolboys."

Note: I got this as a 2-CD set, but it fits easily on 1 CD. However, it may mean that tracks 1-7 and 8-14 don't join up exactly right.

1. Schooldays
2. Schooldays Overture
3. Announcement
4. Jack the Idiot Dunce
5. Education
6. The First Time We Fall in Love
7. I'm in Disgrace
8. Headmaster
9. The First Time We Fall in Love (reprise)
10. The Hard Way
11. The Last Assembly
12. No More Looking Back
13. Finale
14. Money Talks