The Kinks
24th December, 1977; Rainbow Theatre, London
Lineage: FM (BBC) -> cassette -> Yamaha CD recorder CDR-HD 1300 -> CDR (AMQR) -> WAV (EAC) -> FLAC

Unearthed this tape recently which had surprisingly survived 31 years without any special care... This is the original live broadcast and has a few sound balance issues; it was remixed, slightly resequenced and rebroadcast by the BBC in the mid 90's (from what I can tell that version seems to be the source of most boots).

The programme overran a bit from its 1 hour slot so unfortunately there is a tape-change break during the solo in You Really Got Me - I just left a gap in the track rather than try anything remotely clean or clever - there is also a slight pitch change and quality variation on that fragment as I had to use the nearest available tape and tranfer it to something else for safekeeping.

1. Broadcast Introduction
2. Juke Box Music
3. Stage Introduction
4. Sleepwalker
5. Life on the Road
6. Dialogue
7. Well Respected Man
8. Death of a Clown
9. Sunny Afternoon
10. Waterloo Sunset
11. All Day and All of the Night
12. Dialogue
13. Slumkids
14. Celluloid Heroes
15. Get Back in the Line
16. Dialogue
17. The Hard Way
18. Lola
19. Alcohol
20. Skin and Bone
21. Father Christmas
22. You Really Got Me

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