The Kinks
Februrary 5, 1977
Boston Music Hal
Boston, MA
Audience recording (vg+/ex spund quality

Lineage:audience/cd-r/eac/pc/wav/cool edit 2000//flac


Here's another great Kinks Koncert that I received on cd-r from a past trade. Come to think of it, I believe that I traded for it and the Universal Ampitheater show with the taper himself and that these shows are off his masters.
They do sound a cut above in my humble opinion. Enjoy! Dearg Doom.
God save the Kinks.

PS: Regrettably, the final song and any encores are missing from my master.

Set List (Disc 1)

1 Opening
2 One Of The Survivors
3 Sleepwalker
4 Rush Hour Blues
5 You Make It All Worthwhile
6 Ordinairy People
7 Everybody Is A Star (Starmaker)
8Victoria (teaser)
9 A Well Respected Man
10 Sunny Afternoon
11 Waterloo Sunset
12 Supersonic Rocket Ship
13 School Days
14 The Hard Way
15 Education
16 Brother
17 Stormy Sky
18 Life Goes On
19 Celluloid Heroes

Set List (Disc 2)
1 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
2 Bananna Boat Song (teaser)/ Lola Intro
3 Lola
4 Demon Alcohol

The Band:

Ray Davies: guitar,vocals
Dave Davis: lead guitar, voc
Mick Avery: drums
Andy Pyle: drums
John Gosling: keys
John Beecham: trombone
Nick Newall: sax
Shirley Roden: backing vocals
Debbie Doss: backing vocals

This is a doomed recording.