The Kinks
Vienna, Austria

October 22, 1978

The Stonecutter Collection Vol 18

Source: Soundboard / Audience Mix Recording > unknown generation > DAT

Transfer Lineage: Sony DAT DTC-ZE700 > Optical Cable > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW

Soundforge 9.0 [editing & tracking] > Wav > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac Level 6

Traders Den 5/6/15

Transferred, Edited and Tracked by kingrue upload 469


I have another gem from Rich's collection. The Kinks in Austria 78.

This is a really unique recording. This is a mixture of Soundboard and Audience. The majority of the songs appear to be soundboard, but then there are sections between the songs and during songs that are clearly audience sourced.

I think this is a case of "panning" between the 2 sources. It sounds like someone had audience mics and a line from the board and was panning back and forth from Aud to Sbd at random times. Panning "live" as it was happening. You'll notice the audience recording just turn into soundboard. Davie's voice and music will be distant and echoy and then in the next couple seconds it'll quickly be brought upfront and clear. It appears to me that this mixing was done in real time and not during post-production.

This DAT copy was noticeably chopped up and the sequence of songs were out of order. I have not been able to track down a more complete version. If anyone has a more complete copy, please step up and share it here.

I have made an attempt to reconstruct the proper song order. By using the set list from Paris 8 days later as a reference.

Almost every song has some sort of cut or fade at the beginning or end.

There were a lot of volume swells and drop offs, I did volume adjustments in those areas to smooth the playback.

There is a booked titled: The Kinks All Day and All of the Night: Day by Day Concerts, Recordings and Broadcasts 1961-1996 paperback.

It indicates that part of this concert was broadcast on Austrian TV. Including some interviews and these 4 songs,

'Lola, Alcohol, Slum Kids and All Day and All of the Night'. It would be great if someone had a VHS copy of that broadcast.

It's my educated guess that we are missing 4 songs from this recording.

I'm assuming that "Twist and Shout" was the final song played, which is absent from this tape.

This tape was put together pretty well with the panning of sources. Once I was able to get a closer look at each track, it was obvious that it was carefully pieced together with many tape cuts and edits.

In my opinion from the sound quality and mix. The mix of sources were caused from panning done on the fly as it happened and the edits and cuts were done post production. That is my theory.

Regardless of all the edits and cuts, this is a really good sounding tape and quite enjoyable.

You won't find a version like this anywhere else.

Samples Provided.

** missing: You Really Got Me (theme music)
01 Sleepwalker
02 Life On The Road (tape end/stop)
** missing: Lola
03 Misfits (tape end/stop)
** missing: A Well Respected Man
04 Death Of Clown (fades in)
05 Sunny Afternoon
06 Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (tape end/stop)
07 Hayfever (end cut)
08 Celluloid Heroes (cuts in)
09 Trust Your Heart
10 Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy (end cut)
** missing: You Really Got Me
11 Slum Kids (cuts in)
12 Alcohol (tape end/stop)
13 All Day And All Of The Night (fades out)
14 Live Life (fades in) (tape end/stop)
15 Little Queenie (cuts in)
** missing:Twist And Shout

Total Time = 61:28 min