Eisenhower Auditorium
Campus of Penn State University
February 17, 1979

This is an excellent minus (ex-) quality soundboard recording.

SBD Recording -> Cassette Tape -> Unknown -> CD .wav -> .flac

Disc One:
1. You Really Got Me (intro)
2. Sleepwalker
3. Life on the Road
4. Permanent Waves
5. Where Have All the Good Times Gone
6. Lola
7. Sleepless Night
8. Misfits

Disc Two:
9. Low Budget
10.Ray (introducing "Superman")
12.Well Respected Man -> Death of a Clown -> Sunny Afternoon
13.Trust Your Heart
14.You Really Got Me
15.Slum Kids
17.Rock and Roll Fantasy
18.All Day and All of the Night
19.Live Life (cut)

Thank U for the first uploader ,it was in 2005.

God Save The Kinks!!