the Kinks
Detroit Michigan, U.S.A.
August 10, 1979
performance quality: B+ to A-, pretty good
recording quality: close to an A, nice crispy low gen. sbd
source: 1st gen. (so I'm told, I believe it) sbd tape
mastered on TDK D (?), my copy is on TDK-SA.
runtime: 79:52 (just fits on 80 min. CD.)
setlist: (1st song of the concert is
missing from this recording- Sleepwalker)
1: life on the road 7:17
2: permanent wave 6:02
3: Lola 6:12
4: misfits 5:59
5: low budget 8:15
6: superman 8:10
7: you really got me 4:01 (end cut, tape flip)
8: a gallon of gas 9:59
9: celluloid heroes 7:15
10: all day and all night 5:43
11: pressure 2:50
12: twist and shout 3:49
13: Victoria 4:13
I just checked the wikipedia's Kinkology which was good enough to list the locations
of the only live official Kinks recording I am aware of and was listed for this tour,
"one for the road", (that's a good live disc) and it has a bunch from Providence and
a few other locales in N.Y. and Mass. but none from this concert. So even though I was
afraid this might have to be a chopped liver upload, looks like the only song you don't
get in here is the first one which isn't in my recording.
This one is a Celtic fan's tribute to the Detroit Pistons, who are still clearly
one of the best teams in the NBA, and to a city that (much like Boston) likes to rock.
(many of my favorite artists like both Boston and Detroit as among their favorite places
to rock out in (Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, J.Geils Band and David Bowie come to mind there
among others) and the Kinks like Detroit too. It is their kind of town (I don't mean that
in any kind of a bad way). The Kinks like to rock out. This is the "Low Budget" tour, a
couple of weeks after that album (a.k.a. vinyl as in played on a "turntable") was released.
I don't know if shopkin likes Kinks of this period, but this is partly for his 2 fine posts
of the Kinks in Boston. I don't have alot of Kinks (musical kind), but a couple worth sharing.
This one has a rarity for a glasnostrd19 upload. It's called a setlist. Pretty good one
here, and a nice rock out Kinks show. No question which category this goes in. Hasn't been,
for what, about 43 years is it now? (more like close to 29 years since this show). I don't
have much in low gen. sbd of bands this familiar, but this one just popped up. The guy said
he only had one other sbd he recorded- George Benson in Phila. 79. I did get that, but the
music in that is sap city. The music in this is rock city, so I'm going with this to help
calm some peeved off Piston rods, celebrate a Celtic win in the 2008 NBA East Conference finals
(the first for both Garnett and team captain Paul Pierce) that was made special because, honestly,
I thought if anyone was going to knock off the Celtics of 2008, it would be Detroit. Team
records aside, I thought they had the deeper and more experienced team, maybe the best team in
the whole NBA. Maybe I'm stretching it a bit, but somehow I see some parts of this show that
may be (indirectly) relevant (sortakinda) to what was a very good series between two cities
that like to rock. I don't have much from Detroit, but this is one I think folks will want to
hear no matter where from or whose teams they root for (if any).
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.