The Kinks
Tampa Fl Curtis Hixon Hall

Audience, VG sound quality (would probably be an EX for an 80's-era tape if it had been duped better)

Hard Way
Where have all the good times gone
Catch Me Now I'm Falling
Bird Dog
Low Budget
Attitude (tape glitch)
Nothing More to Lose
Medley: Well Respected Man/Death of a Clown/Sunny Afternoon
Band Intros
You Really Got Me (cut, tape flip)
You Really Got Me (restart after tape flip)
A Gallon of Gas (new verse)
Celluloid Heroes
All Day and All of the Night
Twist and Shout
Give the People What they Want (!)
David Watts
Louie Louie/Hang On Sloopy

Analog master > unknown generation

JVC TD-W709 (no NR) > PC Sound Card > Cool Edit Pro (edits, fade i/o, > WAV Files > flac(8)

Ray Davies - Guitar/Vocals
Dave Davies - Guitar/Vocals
Jim Rodford - Bass
Ian Gibbons - Keys
Mick Avery -Drums

I've scoured the internet and I've never seen this offered on any trade list. The lineage is basically unknown. Back in the early 80s, in the back of Rolling Stone there'd be a guy selling tapes, and that's where I got this one. The guy had thousands of titles. I mainly traded, but he had tapes no one else seemed to have.

But I went to this concert, and it changed my life, it got me hooked on live music, and no one else was offering a recording of this show. So I bought it.

This is a direct recording from the original cassette he sent me. It's a generic gray cassette with no label, and I'd bet that it was high-speed duped, as it suffers from some "pumping" sometimes. But in spite of it being offered for sale back then, the recording seems generally uncirculated as I have found no other trader or site that has it. The quality is actually clear and up front with very little crowd noise. Considering the quality of the recording (separate from the duping and media) and the fact that it's from Tampa, I wonder if it's a Dan Lampinski recording. I'm posting this in hopes that someone somewhere has the master or a better dupe of it, making this version obsolete.

In the meantime, enjoy what seems to be a pretty rare recording with some surprises. According to Doug Hinman's Kinks book "The Kinks: All Day and All of the Night: Day by Day Concerts, Recordings, and Broadcasts, 1961-1996," this was the third date of the One For the Road US tour. Attesting to the rarity of this recording, a set list from this night is not included in the book. Among the surprises: A Gallon of Gas has an extra verse, and this may be the first public performance of Give the People What They Want.

Also included is a picture of the ticket from that night. $8.50! I took pictures that night, but sadly they're lost.