The Kinks, recorded live at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, California, August 21, 1981. This is a very good plus (vg+) sound quality audience recording
from The Kinks' 1981 *Give the People What They Want* US tour. It is also an incomplete concert recording, however this is the complete
CD bootleg. Please share generously. Enjoy!

Audience Recording -> Unknown -> CD .wav file -> Nero Wave Editor -> .flac

1. Around the Dial
2. Hard Way
3. Bird Dog
4. Yo Yo
5. San Francisco Blues -> Lola
6. Where Have All the Good Times Gone -> Tired of Waiting for You -> Where Have All the Good Times Gone
7. Too Serious (Dave)
8. Back to Front
9. Misfits
10.You Really Got Me
11.Gallon of Gas
12.20th Century Man
13.All Day and All of the Night
14.Give the People What They Want
15.Twist and Shout
16.David Watts
17.Better Things
19.Low Budget

God Save The Kinks!!