Burned to CD-R at the time with verification. Extracted (EAC) now with no errors so the files should be identical to the original ones.


Original notes:

The Kinks
Nihon Seinenkan
Tokyo, Japan
One More For The Road (liberated boot)

original source: FM broadcast?

Disc 1

1. Opening
2. Around The Dial
3. The Hard Way
4. Where Have All The Good Times Gone-Tired Of Waiting For You
5. Come On Now
6. Destroyer
7. Yo-Yo
8. Tokyo
9. Lola
10. Low Budget
11. Superman (incl. Shakin' All Over)
12. Celluloid Heroes

Disc 2

1. Till The End Of The Day
2. Bernadette
3. All Day And All Of The Night
4. Give The People What They Want
5. Pressure
6. Stop Your Sobbing-David Watts
7. You Really Got Me


Officially released songs not included in torrent:

Noise (Extended Remix)(b-side of Come Dancing 12" single)

Ray Davies - Return To Waterloo soundtrack
Return To Waterloo
Going Solo
Missing Persons
Sold Me Out
Lonely Hearts
Not Far Away
Voices In The Dark