APRIL 7TH 1984

Mono Recording.

Master cassette > Total Recorder (48K) > Sound Forge (convert 48K to 44.1K, remove dead space,
fade at end) > CD Wave > Flac (8) > You

Didn't realise I'd transferred at 48K until I came to put this torrent together.

This is almost the complete gig. I flipped the tape when I thought 'Lola' had ended - it hadn't,
they reprised it for a short while. You can just hear them start playing it again as I wander off.

This was the quietest major venue concert I ever went to.

You can hear some of the audience getting upset with Ray Davies' comments.

There is another recording of this gig that I have seen listed on the web - this is not that one.
I do not know how they compare.
Can anybody please provide me with a copy of the other recording?

Ticket scanned at 600 dpi and converted to HQ jpg using 100% setting with Serif PhotoPlus 6.0

Previously uncirculated.

Taped by cragtopper.

102.Around The Dial
103.The Hard Way
104.Where Have All The Good Times Gone / Tired Of Waiting For You
105.Dead End Street
107.Come Dancing
108.Don't Forget To Dance
109.State Of Confusion
111.Get Back In Line
201.David Watts
202.All Day And All Of The Night

Encore 1:-
203.Gotta Move
204.Low Budget
205.Waterloo Sunset

Encore 2:-
206.Heart Of Gold
207.You Really Got Me

Encore 3:-
208.Celluloid Heroes
209.Till The End Of The Day