The Kinks - 1984-11-23 Frankfurt FM mono - TRAP 22

Lately appeared on Dime some recordings from the Festival "Flotter Dreier" with Klaus Lage Band, The Kinks and BAP. I just downloaded the Kinks Video.

My FM recording contains only the second half of the Kinks broadcast, and is in mono. It seems I missed the broadcast of the first half Kinks performance and also the complete Klaus Lage gig. But while there seems to be still no better audio source available I like to share mine in the meantime.

The Kinks
Festhalle Frankfurt, Germany

FM broadcast by HR3 (probably December 29th, 1985), mono

master tape (TDK SA 90) > NAD Deck 602 (azimuth adjustment) > Realtek HD audio > Audacity (stereo, 32 bit, 44100 Hz) > wav > Traders little helper (flac, SBE-fixed) > Flac 8

2.David Watts
3.Dead End Street
4.Living On A Thin Line
5.Good Day / band introductions
6.All Day And All Of The Night
7.Till The End Of The Day
8.Celluloid Heroes
9.You Really Got Me
10.I Gotta Move
11. outro HR3

total time: 46:39 min

issues and treatment: there is hum during some parts. Few times there are short balance issues. I had to leave that. I compared the speed with the Video - in total the same but some fluctuations somewhere, so I left it. No EQ, no NR. I did only the volume optimizing (up to -0,5 dB)

transfer and upload on Dime in Jan 2010 by trapper