Seattle, Wa.
Paramount Theater

01.Around The Dial>State Of Confusion
03.Don't Forget To Dance
04.Come Dancin'
05.Do It Again
06.Living On a Thin Line>Guilty
07.Sooner Or Later
08.Missing Person
11.Intros>All Day And All Of The Night

14.Celluloid Heros
15.You Really Got Me

Ray Davies - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica, keyboards, lead songwriting
Dave Davies - lead guitar, harmony vocals, occasional lead vocals and songwriting
Jim Rodford - bass guitar, backup vocals
Ian Gibbons - keyboards, backup vocals
Bob Henrit - drums and percussion

Using Creative Sound Card Audio Recorder

Taped and upped by Greeney55
"Not Circulated"

Thought I'd change gears here and share some upbeat rockin'concerts that I'm sure you all are waiting for?
At the beginning on #9 Ray mentions he is going out with friends to "The Dog House" no shit he say's.A restaurant downtown since the turn of the last century that had a piano bar in it.
It was a favorite place for musicians to go after gigs in Seattle.It allowed smoking at the table's while you eat and being able to hear what's going on in the piano bar.We regulars kept the secret pretty good till Ray mentions it onstage.Musicians came, ate, had drinks and casually played in the bar.We didn't make a big deal of it so it never became a big deal.
After 2 when they closed the private party went on all night,
Jerry Garcia said it was his favorite place to eat and go after show in Seattle because he really liked it when he could smoke anywhere.
Long time under new management now so none of that old vibe remains.
Thought you all would like a story to go along with your torrent.
I do include storie's when I remember them.And these old tape's I haven't listened to in many years is creating some good memories.Didn't really realize how much stuff I got rollin' around this head o' mine.
Bless, Den

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