Robins Center, University of Richmond
Richmond, VA, USA


(not quite 25 year anniversary first seed if you're reading this glastnostrd!)

{Audience - Audio Technica Dual Element mic (I think) > Maxell XL-II > Sony WM D-6 No Dolby}

Sound: VG/EX pretty darn good, just like you were there, on the floor, in the madhouse...

From First Gen cassette off my Master
I still have the D-6, I don't have the mic any more, I don't have the Master any more.

The story is: This was probably the only show that came to campus while I was there. I
wasn't really a fan but some of my friends were and it's not like there was much else to do,
so we all went to this show. One of my friends (who I think wound up with the master) even
snuck in for the soundchecks and recorded them on a boombox. He may still have them. I don't.
We were about the only people who cared about taping anything at the school. This is not my
first taping effort but is pretty early on. It came out really well, especially given the
circumstances and the noise level, which was deafening (not to mention how loud the band was!).
Still probably one of the loudest shows I've been to. I really didn't remember much about the
show until listening to it again. Maybe again in another 25 years if I'm so lucky...

I think this was recorded with one of those old AT dual element "stereo" hand held mics. I had
one of them for a little while. If not that then one of those little Sony MS-907's, but I don't
think it sounds like that one. Either way it's definitely not on the Nak that replaced the AT.
It's a very representational recording with strong mids but a little weak on the edges. Turn up
the bass and get it all to about 140 db's to get the real effect (unlike us you can choose if you
want to lose some hearing or not). Other than that it's a lot like you were there.
Some serious energy.

Anyway I sent my cassette off to a trader who was really into The Kinks long ago (since I wasn't
and would likely never listen to it). I think my buddy KB who I taped the show with (the boombox
soundcheck hacker) has the master (unless I actually sent the master to that deserving soul and
great trader DM, our great Clapton buddy, way back when - I hope he's still around somewhere).

The story almost ends recently with my friend Bill from UR (who also went to the show with us and
who incidentally I later ran into in the street after Neil Young in NYC, though he's from Boston
and I'm around DC, so we've both stayed at it!). Anyway he recently told me he'd transferred his
first gen cassette of this, and sent me these files. He ran the transfer on a MAC. I'm not sure
what exactly was used doing that (if anything), but it's untouched.

If this show ever circulated this is as good as it gets. I know the source and know the recording.

So enjoy this blast from my past, thanks to Bill.

And since it's almost NCAA time Go Spiders! They seem to be good again this year...

TRACK LIST (thanks to Bill - I probably would not have gotten all of these):

01 Around the Dial
02 Massive Reductions
03 State of Confusion
04 Don't Forget to Dance
05 interlude
06 Come Dancing
07 Do It Again
08 Living on a Thin Line
09 Guilty
10 Good Day
11 Missing Persons
12 Lola
13 All Day and Night
14 Gotta Move
15 Til the End of the Day
16 Celluloid Heroes
17 You Really Got Me

FLAC set : 511 MB

A Bombdiggity (prehistoric) Master via one cassette generation

Taped by Bombdiggity and KB (with Bill too I'd think) from the floor close
Transferred, tracked and flaced by my friend Bill (who doesn't torrent it appears - see next:)
SBE's fixed and reflaced (TLH) by Bombdiggity
Uploaded by Bombdiggity on DIME 2010-03-09


ENJOY... and share.