bowlin' and rockin'
the Kinks
Ray Davies: guitar, keyboards, vocals
Dave Davies: guitar, backing vocals
Ian Gibbons: keyboards, backing vocals
Jim Rodford: bass, backing vocals
Bob Henrit: drums
Manning Bowl
Lynn, Mass.
September 8, 1985
touring "word of mouth" album
audience recording
runtime: 90:31
1: do it again 4:18
2: state of confusion 4:46
3: the hard way 2:33
4: better things 3:21
5: don't forget to dance 5:38
6: Lola tease > blues 1:38
7: come dancing 4:27
8: return to Waterloo 4:23
9: catch me now I'm falling 3:53
10: missing persons 3:48
11: destroyer 5:35
12: (wish I could fly like) superman 7:58 (with batman tease)
13: guilty 4:36
14: a gallon of gas 6:53
15: Lola 5:51
16: all day and all night 4:55
17: gotta move 2:49
18: low budget 3:38
19: living on a thin line 4:15
20: you really got me 5:07
trade cassette (TDK-SA 90 min. cassette >
played on Nak,. 300 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
a this and that, kinky rocker production.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
Mick Avory left the Kinks after the release of "word of mouth" in 1984.
the rest of the lineup is the same as heard on the studio album.
three songs from the previous album, "state of Confusion" are included
in this concert, and a good collection from earlier ones. the kinks can
be bluesy and sometimes a little rockabilly country (Muswell Hillbillies
era) but they are best known for rock and roll and they play alot of that
in this show. a couple of tracks are slightly cut as the taper edited a
couple of times for encore breaks and the tape flip cuts in slightly,
but most of the show is in the recording.