The Kinks
September 13, 1985
Pier 84 New York City
1) Who'll Be The Next In Line (Soundcheck)
2) 20th Century Man (Soundcheck)
3) Come Dancing (Soundcheck)
4) Intro
5) Do It Again
6) State Of Confusion
7) The Hard Way
8) Better Things
9) Don't Forget To Dance
10) Come Dancing
11) Return To Waterloo
12) Destroyer
13) Missing Person
14) Superman
15) Brother
16) Guilty
17) A Gallon Of Gas
18) Lola
19) Lola (Reprise)
20)You Really Got Me
21) Living On A Thin Line

OK, here goes again. I tried upping this show a while back, and had many problems, mostly it had been a long time since I put up a show. I hope I did my due diligence online, so hopefully I'm on the right track. When I first attempted to upload this show, a lot of Kinks Krazies were clamoring for it. Although I give it only a B rating, I haven't seen it on any lists out there. A
great show at a great venue that's unfortunately not around anymore. Wish me luck.

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