The Kinks
The Riviera Night Club
Chicago, IL
March 8, 1987

Wxrt Fm Broadcast

Fm Broadcast>Analog Master>Cdr>Eac>Flac

Set List:

Disc One:

1: Intro/Do It Again
2: The Hard Way
3: Low Budget
4: Come Dancing
5: Looking At The Factory
6: Lost And Found
7: Welcome To Sleazy Town
8: Think Visual
9: The Video Shop

Disc Two:

1: Living On A Thin Line
2: Guilty
3: Misfits
4: Lola
5: State Of Confusion
6: A Gallon Of Gas
7: All Day And All Of The Night
8: I Gotta Move
9: Celluloid Heroes
10: Twentieth Century Man
11: You Really Got Me
12: Till The End Of The Day

This Is The Original Wxrt Broadcast Westwood One Later Turned This To A National Broadcast And Didn't Include All Songs.