The Kinks
Kingswood Music Theatre
Toronto , Ontario
Jun.19 1987

analog audience recording
taper : chris .r
transfer & mastering : kmg
quality : EX- (8.5-9/10)

lineage : 1st gen cassettes>Nakamichi (dolby off)>SB Audigy Platinum>
Soundforge>FLAC level 8 (w/verify & align)

Track List :

Disc 1 (47:36)

101 Opening/Do It Again
102 Destroyer
103 Low Budget
104 Apeman
105 Come Dancing
106 Working At The Factory
107 Lost And Found
108 Welcome To Sleazytown
109 Think Visual
110 A Well-Respected Man
111 Living On A Thin Line

Disc 2 (48:36)

201 It (an experimental piece about advertising in America...)
202 Guilty
203 Lola
204 David Watts
205 All Day & All Of The Night
206 Gotta Move
207 How Are You
208 You Really Got Me
209 Till The End Of The Day
210 Celluloid Heroes
211 Victoria

Warning : After listening to this concert you may find yourself yelling 'DAAAYYYOOO!' for
extended periods of time ...... Ray Davies yells this emphatically all through the show - and
the Toronto audience yells it right back every time. A really nice-sounding tape
that Kinks freaks should enjoy......My first X-Mas present this week to all of
those who have given me so much over the last year & half on Dime.

Thanx (as always) to Keef for loaning me the tapes......

peace ,