the Kinks
Great Woods Performing Arts Center
Mansfield, Mass.
July 3, 1987
performance quality: A (inspired rockin' holiday performance)
recording quality: B to B+ there is some
clarity variation due to movements of crowd and taper
including at least a couple of changes in seat location,
but the presence is pretty good in most of it.
(1st 75:07 only)
1: all day and all night intro > do it again
2: destroyer
3: low budget
4: apeman
5: art lover > dedicated follower of fashion
6: cliques of the world
7: working at the factory
8: think visual
9: welcome to sleazytown
10: lost and found
11: come dancing
12: living on the thin line
13: it
14: guilty (of running out of battery power,
so it ends with batteries running
out before the song ends)
Realistic mini-mikes >
Sony D-6 cassette deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLII 90 min. cassette (high bias) >
CD > CD extractor (WAV) > FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
It's almost a 3 step torrent from me to you
(only the CD and CD extraction steps are additional)
Almost a masters of rock, not almost a whole concert.
My guess is the whole show is about 2 hours. But you get
everything up to the middle of "guilty" with a very amusing
(unintended) ending you won't find on ANY other master of this show.
I didn't put it there. It answers a very often wondered about question:
that question is, what happens when a Sony D-6 runs out of batteries
in the middle of a song? Some decks just record at a constant speed
right up until they can't record any more. Not the D-6...
it may reassure many that this "answer' is not long lasting,
and up to that last track, there is no noticable speed variation.

This was the biggest holiday show I ever attended
(in terms of attendance) and I did not like my seat
for it, so I decided to do something I very rarely
did at a reserved seating concert- try to find a
better seat that wasn't taken. Not easy at this show.
Only other time I did that was at Tull 77 in Boston,
but that was because I could not find my proper seat.
A good chunk of this was recorded from a prime spot
about 15 rows back and almost dead center, more than half
of this is recorded from there, then the (apparent)
ticketholder showed up so I had to move on. Even then,
I was still in a better seat than I would have been
if I hadn't moved somewhere. Usually if I get a crummy
seat I'll just sit in it and take the best I can from it
but my seat was way back and off to the side. Couldn't see,
couldn't hear anything except the reverberation of the
Great Woods Awful Sound tin can pavillion. None of this
comes from that seat, fortunately for anyone who hears
this recording. I think tin and aluminum should be banned
from use in construction of any concert facility (except
maybe for roofing) because their acoustic quality if awful,
as many RTF fans who waited 25 years to see their concert
are now discovering... But for Neil Young, or the Kinks,
it doesn't hurt much at all if not too far from stage.
the sound was pretty good from where I was.
This is the only time I've ever seen the Kinks live,
and I picked a good one. They sounded very good, high energy.
Probably the hottest version I've ever heard of "destroyer".
Alot of these songs aren't the highest energy songs but they
were all tight and the band in a very good mood, apparently.
This was also my one and only time hearing a Great Woods show
in person and being between the left and right stacks. It's
not exactly a great recording, but most of it is pretty enjoyable
and this is likely the 1st time anyone's heard this recording,
in a posting, certainly the 1st time not from a cassette copy
source. This makes a nice companion to my only other Kinks post
since it has almost all different songs. this is the "Think Visual"
tour. The Detroit one is from when their current hit was "Superman".
This time, I guess it would be art lover, and the Kinks show Genesis
they aren't the only British band with a very good song called "it".
The setlist and concert for that matter, cannot be found on etree
(as of 6/1/08). They didn't list much at all for 87 Kinks.
Unlike my Detroit 79 post from late May, this one is from my
own master recording with a CD extraction thrown in. I started
a second transfer just in case it sounded noticably better, and
it didn't. A torrent with a CD involved from glasnostrd19 and
just one transfer needed to make that CD. That's a rarity.
May as well declare a holiday. Only in America, do we have National
(and international) Earth Day observed, only to follow it up with
National Air Pollution Weekend 2+ months later. I don't observe that
holiday. (no boat, private bus or battleship on wheels to pollute
excessively with, and lighting poisonous gasses in the air isn't
my idea of celebrating what was rather briefly, America's independence
from the British oppression.)
Sometimes I wonder if we should call this U.S./ U.K. Co-Dependence Day.
It is the strange irony of American heritage, to celebrate this day
as we do, when the British are among America's best friends in the whole
world, for both honorable (we love the Beatles and the Queen and chess in
general), and far less than that reasons, not to mention one of the most
powerful influences on what was once, a much prouder nation, until it got
walloped by hurricanes katrina, saddam (?), and especially georgeII, all
in much too short a time to recover from any of them.
Happy oil barons and gas guzzlers day, everybody!
(doesn't Z Z Top play that one?) They have plenty to celebrate this
holiday, alot more than anyone else has right now.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
and have a kinky holiday!!!