Offenbach, Germany

-> I received this show together with another AUD-master in a trade. The taper contacted me with some requests from my lists and, not being
an actual trader obviously, offered me these two tapes in return before I could offer him a blank-trade, so I could not resist. This guy
captured some shows in his area from time to time, only for private purposes, and he did a really fine job as as you might hear. Sadly,
these two tapes obviously are the last ones he kept until today, he gave away some of them over the years, and there may have not been the
worst captures among them.

Position: 20 meters FOS

Source: SONY WM-F2041 Recording Walkman > SONY Stereo clip-mic > ANA(m) (TDK SA 90)

Transfer: Kenwood KX-W6060 > Audacity > HDD > WAV > Audacity (normalizing and tracking) > FLAC (via TLH (Level 7 and tested)) > TTD/Dime/Zomb (2009-05-14)



01 Intro
02 Around The Dial
03 Apeman
04 Loony Balloon
05 Im Not Like Everybody Else
06 Come Dancing
07 Low Budget
08 How Do I Get Close
09 UK Jive
10 It (side 1 ->)
11 Guilty (<- side 2)
12 Living On A Thin Line
13 Dead End Street
14 Welcome To Sleazy Town
15 War Is Over
16 Lola
17 Days
18 Aggravation > New World
19 You Really Got Me


Taped by M.W.

Transferred, encoded and uploaded by uninvited94.

Do not encode to lossy formats (MP3, OGG, WMV etc.) except for your personal use.

Do not alter this set of files before uploading on trackers or trading it.

Do not "remaster".

Do not sell this recording.