The Kinks

May 01, 1993
Theater of Living Arts
Philadelphia, PA

From the Teddy Ballgame archive

Source: OK mics > DAT > clone (2)
Transfer: PCM-R500 > digi coax > Edirol R-44 > USB
Lineage: DAT 16/48 > TLH > FLAC

Master Digital Audience Recording by Frank Z
DAT clone (2) provided by Ted Mattes
Transfer by dMonkey
Edited & Mastered w/ Adobe Audition by Joe Noel
February 24, 2020

The Players
- Ray Davies; rhythm guitar, lead vocals
- Dave Davies; lead guitar, backing vocals
- Jim Rodford; bass, backing vocals
- Bob Henrit; drums
- Mark Haley; keyboards

- taper location was very close to the stage (pos. pressed against the stage - front row)

- setlist -
t01 - intro
t02 - Around the Dial ->
t03 - Destroyer
t04 - Low Budget
t05 - Misfits
t06 - Phobia
t07 - Drift Away
t08 - Alcohol
t09 - Only A Dream
t10 - Welcome To Sleazy Town (intro)
t11 - Hatred
t12 - Celluloid Heroes
t13 - Harry Rag
t14 - Wall of Fire
t15 - UK Jive (intro)
t16 - Come Dancing
t17 - Still Searchin'
t18 - Scattered
t19 - All Day and All of the Night
- encore -
t20 - Lola
t21 - Days
t22 - You Really Got Me
- filler -
t23 - Neil Young; Heart of Gold (unknown)

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If converted to wav during processing, all tags will be stripped,
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[J.Noel 29 February 2020]

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