The Kinks
Stuttgart, Germany
Dec. 21, 1994

Soundboard recording - excellent sound quality!!!

** mp3 samples provided (as always) in the Comments section **

Here's a great-sounding show that I recently downloaded from TapeCity; my thanks to tbshag1 for sharing it over there. UNFORTUNATELY, there were some small defects in that I fixed them (see Editing Notes below) and now offer the "fixed" version of this outstanding Kinks show.

101. A Well Respected Man
102. Sunny Afternoon
103. Do It Again (tease)
104. Kinks intro > Countdown
105. Till The End Of The Day
106. All Day And All Of The Night
107. Low Budget
108. Celluloid Heroes
109. Apeman
110. Scattered
111. Death Of A Clown
112. Phobia
113. Dead End Street

201. Come Dancing
202. Father Christmas (tease)
203. Aggravation > New World > Aggravation
204. You Really Got Me
205. A Gallon Of Gas >
206. Welcome To Sleazy Town
207. Deutschland
208. Lola
209. Days
210. Twist And Shout

Editing notes:
* Almost all of the original FLACs had microgaps at the ends of the files; these gaps were manually removed via Nero's wave editor

* Re-tracked show by combining in Nero, splitting with CD Wave

* There was a 3-second dip in the volume in "You Really Got Me" (from the 0:52 mark to the 0:55 mark); increased the volume of this section by 5 dB with Nero

* There was a small gap in "Celluloid Heroes" right before Ray says the word "street"--I reduced the gap as best I could so that it's not as noticeable

* There were 4 instances where a piece of the recording was repeated (similar to when a vinyl record "skips"...maybe it was a bad CD rip???). I manually deleted the unneeded repititions in these 4 spots:

1. "Do It Again": removed an extra "Do it again" at end of song
2. "All Day And All Of The Night": removed an extra "relief" at end of song
3. "Scattered": removed an extra closing note at end of song
4. "Welcome To Sleazy Town": removed an extra cymbal at close of song

If you decide to download this show, won't you please consider posting a comment on the show's board? It only takes a moment, and believe me, it takes A LOT longer to prepare/upload a show for others to enjoy than it does to download and run.

Generously donated by Jim Fiesler (undiscokidd),
and uploaded on DIME by TheCommish
October 2008