Here's another bootleg I found on my Hard Drive. I know not much Kinky Friedman is around on bootleg so I've decided to upload this for the fans here on Dime who asked for it. I did not originally create this bootleg and I'm not sure who did. I searched on amazon.com and Kinky's website and didn't find a legit release of this. I hope everyone enjoys this!!!

Original seeders notes:

Kinky Friedman - Solo/Acoustic
"Cowboys for Indians" SEVA Benefit
Berkeley Community Theater
Berkeley, CA

Aud (details unknown)> CAS (2nd gen)>wav>shn

Sound Quality = A

1. Wavy Gravy Intro (1:42)
2. Western Union Wire (3:21)
3. Banter (3:08)
4. They Ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore (3:37)
5. Banter (2:02)
6. The Ballad of Ira Hayes (6:51)
7. The Ballad Ballad of Charles Whitman (5:13)

This is an excellent quality, but short, set by the Kinkster. Not totally sure but this may not be the whole show.

FRANK's notes:

This would be a reseed of a reseed, except FRANK converted the SHN files to WAV and then to FLAC using TLH. FRANK made the necessary MD5 file, checked for lossy heritage (using EAC) and created the MP3 samples. Oh, and FRANK of course edited this text file.

Jeff uploaded his reseed in December 2006. FRANK did not find any notice of that torrent being removed from the tracker, but a search of the tracker for +Kinky +Cowboys returned a not found message. Actually, there are two new torrent messages from Jeff that same day, both worded exactly the same. The second torrent message implies that the first might have been banned, but there's nothing in the bot to suggest that, no reason FRANK can find that any of this would be banned, and the text of the two messages is exactly the same.

One way or the other, it is Kinky. ENJOY!!!