Kinky Friedman Interview

Recorded live Sept 1, 2006

Alex Jones Radio Show
Austin, TX

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Fair sound, FM recording.

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Friedman website:

Alex Jones


Two crazy Texans....

Kinky stopped by Alex Jones broadcast studio
for this interview for his 2006 run for governor.

This is a fast-paced interview.
Although it's political, it's not dry or boring.
Lots of Austin/Texas talk, humor, phone calls,
hard questions, and goofing off.

Alex is as interesting (to me) as Kinky Friedman.
Alex is a grass-roots political radio-host.
He has quite a history...I describe him as an artist,
and this is based on listening to him over 10 years.
He's a little too far-out for some,
but his news is my first news of the day - everyday.

Alex has a long list of amzing music-related guests over the years.
From memory: Willie Nelson, Billy Corgan, Clutch, Chuck D (?), Dave Mustaine.

You can probably find this interview as a crisp
mp3 somewhere, maybe even on youtube.