Kinky Friedman BBC Radio Session 2008
BBC Radio 2 Lamarr Programme

Time 37.07
Size 226mb
Lineage Analogue FM tuner R1 Cooledit Flac TLH (compression 6) aligned

Raconteur, entrepreneur, politician, musician, Kinky Friedman in session

Kinky Friedman on vocals and guitar
Washington Ratso on guitar
Little Jewford on piano


01.Interview Pt1

02.Silver Eagle Express

03.Interview Pt2

04.Sold American

05.Interview Pt3

06.Marilyn and Joe

07.Interview Pt4

08.Rapid City South Dakota

09.Interview Pt5

10.Wild Man from Bormeo

11.Interview Pt6


01.Interview Pt1 BBC 2008.flac:b1da398ac65f562b575513843fbd30e1
02.Silver Eagle Express BBC 2008.flac:11942592fbcf994a3d17794a991efbea
03.Interview Pt2 BBC 2008.flac:42d14b9b2ef42190096754893522d6e3
04.Sold American BBC 2008.flac:df666457234af4e7242620e6e2d99293
05.Interview Pt3 BBC 2008.flac:59c99f0c499091fa21348ba1050de191
06.Marilyn and Joe BBC 2008.flac:fb355de87ea2f1377bbaf28387e4c6a4
07.Interview Pt4 BBC 2008.flac:57612c454ab806429aab0c676df52f01
08.Rapid City South Dakota.flac:b99d78fe9755fc918b529d40e227aec1
09.Interview Pt5 BBC 2008.flac:16c4b552b5c20bd398ae528ed27d25f4
10.Wild Man From Borneo BBC 2008.flac:dd248a32321b325d60e1c619c14848c8
11.Interview Pt6 BBC 2008.flac:daa551230d49bc836984a77aa274a6e3