Kinky Friedman, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA

1 Before All Hell Breaks Loose
2 Nashville Casualty and Life
3 Amelia Earhart
4 Jambalaya (Ratso)
5 Autograph
6 Irish Reel (Ratso)
7 Marilyn and Joe
8 LIttle Jewford piano medley
9 Kinky's political segment
10 Sold American
11 Homo Erectus
12 Georgia On A Fast Train (Ratso)
13 Ramblin Boy
14 Kinky reads the navigator segment
15 Maple Leaf Rag (LItle Jewford)
16 Rapid City
17 Asshole From El Paso
18 Wild Man From Borneo (missed about the first half of this song)
19 Ride Em Jewboy

Sony ECM-717 -> Sony MZ-R70 minidisk

backing musicians - Little Jewford and Ratso Washington