Kinky Friedman
Saturday July 2, 2011
Petersham Bowls Club
Sydney Australia

"The legendary original Texas Jewboy is thrilled to announce a one off solo return show on Saturday July 2nd in intimate mode in the serene surrounds of the Petersham Bowls Club after a run of national shows with the equally revered Van Dyke Parks".

01 // Before All Hell Breaks Loose
02 Nashville Casualty & Life
03 banter
04 Autograph
05 Get Your Biscuits in the Oven and Your Buns in the Bed
06 banter
07 Ol' Ben Lucas
08 banter
09 The Ballad of Charles Whitman
10 banter (books, internet, KFC, PC, Jesus)
11 Sold American
12 Lady Yesterday
13 banter
14 They Ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore
15 banter
16 The Ballad Of Ira Hayes
17 intro to >
18 reading from "Heroes Of A Texas Childhood"
19 encore, intro to >
20 Marilyn and Joe
21 Asshole From El Paso
22 intro to >
23 Pretty Boy Floyd
24 intro to >
25 Silver Eagle Express > intro to >
26 Rapid City, South Dakota

Lineage: Tascam DR-2d internals (16bit 44.1khz) > USB > Macbook Pro > Sound Studio (tracking, fades) > xACT (fix SBEs, make flac, aif, ffp and md5 files)

Location: 2 feet from left speaker, 2 metres from Kinky, with my back against the wall, holding the unit towards the speaker.

This was Kinky Friedman's last Australian show of 2011. Van Dyke Parks, who had shared the stage throughout the tour, was still in Sydney because his flight was delayed. It was said that he would be in the audience but I didn't spot him. While support act Front End Loader were finishing their set I went outside for a breath of fresh air and a smoke. Soon after finding a bench looking across the bowling green at night, a man in a hat came looking for a place to sit and light his cigar. He held forth his hand and greeted me. "Kinky", he said in a warm and weary tone.

We had a relaxed chat. I asked if he was looking forward to this gig at such a low key venue. There would have been a maximum of 150 people there. He said he had played at some nice and not so nice places on the tour, but this was something unexpected - an old style club tucked into a suburb about 20 minutes from the city. Hell, he must be the biggest name to ever play here! PBC had only recently begun to host live music.

Then he became concerned about the sound system and got up to sort things out. That was my brush with fame. I went inside to find a place to stand or sit. It looked grim - three rows of tables at right angles to the stage, full of people minding seats for friends. Then I found one right at the front beside the speaker. My position was all wrong for collar-mounted mics so I went for the internals and a last minute rearrangement, causing the sudden start to the recording.

Hope you like it. There are some nearby crowd sounds but never intrusive.

A gjfatty recording

First seeded at Dime - September 2011
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