Kinky Friedman
Bremen, Germany

01 Pretty Boy Floyd (Woody Guthrie)
02 talking
03 The Loneliest Man I Ever Met (Richard S. Friedman, Will Hoover)
04 Homo Erectus (Richard S. Friedman)
05 Autograph (Richard S. Friedman, Danny Finley)
06 talking
07 Jesus In Pyjamas (Richard S. Friedman)
08 Asshole From El Paso (Chinga Chavin, Ken Jacobs)
09 talking
10 Hungry Eyes (Merle Haggard)
11 They ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore (Richard S. Friedman)
12 talking
13 Rapid City, South Dakota (Richard S. Friedman)
14 The Ballad Of Ira Hayes (Peter LaFarge)
15 Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis (Tom Waits)
16 Lady Yesterday (Richard S. Friedman)
17 talking
18 My Shit's Fucked Up (Warren William Zevon)
19 Me And My Guitar (Richard S. Friedman)
20 talking
21 Ramblin' Boy (Tom Paxton)
22 Zoe (Richard S. Friedman)
23 A Dog named Freedom (Richard S. Friedman, Bob McLean)
24 Sold American (Richard S. Friedman)

Kinky Friedman - Joe Cirotti - Brian Molnar

min 81:21

FM (analog cable) - Audacity - xACT

In concert: Pop & Jazz

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