Kinsey Report, 1990-09-19, Syracuse,NY, Copperfields. Sbd.

Decent Sbd of the Kinsey Report with Big Daddy Kinsey and madDog Lester Davenport. This is from one 100 min. cassette tape,not master tape but recorded from master,... 1st generation?, each Disc is one side. Not complete show. Had request for Kinsey Report from Ithaca which I will try to get out later. Here's this for now. Guessed on some titles. Always like to hear feedback. Enjoy, Share but don't sell.

Disc 1

01. Ease My Mind
02. Poor Man's Relief
03. Stormy Monday
04. Trouble All The Time
05. Intro for Mad Dog
06. Inst.
07. Baby What's Wrong With You?
08. Hard Life
09. Can't Let Go
10. I'm A Lover
11. I'm A Man (Cut)

Disc 2

01. Game Of Love (Start Cut)
02. I Know I'll See Her Again
03. No Where To Go
04. Leaving In The Morning
05. In The Moon Light
06. Lover's Have The Blues
07. Rock Me
08. Unknown (Cut)