“The Lost Truch Cylinders”

AKA “Cylinder 1” from “The Memories Of Trunch” collection.

From various folk festivals in the 1980s

Possible lineage:

FM >Cassette (masters)> WAV> Flac> CDR> XLD rip> Wav> xACT> Flac

01. Derry Down
02. Fatty Groves
03. Not 16 Till Sunday
04. Bald General Coote
05. Harvest Away
06. The Trunch Wassail
07. Dicky Riding
08. The Female Highwayman
09. Come All You
10. Ninety-Eight Not Out
11. Dido Fido
12. Strip The Widow

01-02: Pebble Mill, Birmingham. 1988
03-06: Bromyard Folk Festival. 1985
07-12: St. Neot’s Folk Festival. 1986

The missing cylinders from The Kippers. Featuring excerpts from the famous “Crab Wars’ saga, as well as “Fatty Groves” a proper old Scottish boarder ballad (later adapted by Fairport)and not to forget the seasonal “Trunch Wassail.”