Kofi Baker's Cream Experience
Kofferfabrik, Fuerth, Germany
January - 20 - 2017

from SEETHELIGHT7 collection # 858

Rec. Info:
DPA 4061 -> handmade Sandhoos battery box -> Zoom H2 (@ WAV 16/44) -> Memorycard -> WeTransfer -> my HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Recorded by dear Lightseer @ app. 0,37 meters from stage edge. Very fine recording with almost nothing to complain. Sounds really fine. Also, a lot of entertaining interlude talks and stories
by Kofi. Sorry no pics, no setlist scan...so I failed on one track...

Usually I'm not into that kind of thing "Son plays the music of his father" (ok, with the exception of Mr. Dweezil), but somehow this show picked up more and more attention of my mind as
it progressed. While you can't aguably expect the outstanding skills of (now) Mr."Borehand" or the genius of "bassmonster" Mr. Bruce, it's the compact playing of this trio that makes it so
enjoyable. An - luckily for us and the taper - Kofi's learned a lot of astonishing tricks from his father, but not his mad temper. At least, I would be frightened to tape a Ginger show,
for the sake of my life...but all that sems to history, if you read about Ginger's strange "show" at Kulturetage Oldenburg on November, 8th 2016. Most likely he was just there for the
legendary fine horses...Enjoy his son, all worth listening...SB.

FULL SHOW (126:14 min.)


01. Tuning (0:47)
02. White room (8:38)
03. Politican (6:01)
04. Outside woman blues (5:02)
05. Sleepy sleepy time (6:19)
06. I'm so glad (7:18)
07. Kofi talks (3:00)
08. Presence of the lord (5:11)
09. Kofi talks (1:38)
10. Pressed rat and warthog (3:45)
11. Kofi talks (2:50)
12. ... -> Drum solo -> ... (19:41)


13. Tuning (0:52)
14. Sunshine of your love -> (5:17)
15. Bass solo -> Crossroads (6:06)
16. Kofi talks (1:06)
17. Little wing (9:08)
18. Kofi talks (1:19)
19. Can't find my way home (5:13)
20. I want you/She's so heavy (8:01)
21. Deserted cities of the heart (8:22)
22. Encore call/Intro (2:18)
23. Had to cry today (8:10)


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If you spread keep lineage/taper info intact. It's us tapers that give you this recording for free!
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