Koko Taylor
June 7th, 1985
Chicago, Illinois
Petrillo Music Shell
Chicago Blues Fest
16 bit version


Marantz deck>master tape(tdk ad90)>technics rs-t36r>r9(line in 24/48)>2gb memory card>pc>auditon>cd wav>tlh(flac 8)>you

Audtion was used to splice the two sides of the cassette together. The tracks were converted to 16bit and cut using cd wave.

The source is thrilled to share his fm master tape and sees the Blues as being of of America's Greatest Treasures.
Koko Taylor is the Queen of the Blues. Born Cora Walter, she was dubbed Koko due to loving chocolate. Previous to her career as a blues singer,
she was simply a sharecropper's daughter, picking cotton and singing during the week with Sunday's being devoted to singing in her church. Though Koko was born in Memphis,
she move to Chicago in 1953 and soon began singing in the local Blues clubs. She got her start by sitting in with Bluesman like Magic Sam
and Hound Dog Taylor.

Eventually, she met Blues Icon Willie Dixon, who brought her down to his house where he held jam sessions. At some point, Willie had her record his
"Wang Dang Doodle." Dixon eventually convinced her to record her own original material The rest is herstory. She won a total of 25 W.C. Handy awards.
Blues would not be the same without Koko.

High energy concert from Koko, who put on a killer set with all the expected songs. There were about 45,000 people present on the 7th at the
2nd Annual Chicago Blues Festival. With all those people come a police presence. From time to time, you will hear members of the CPD
blowing their whistles. Maybe they knew Freezer? At the end of the set, Koko was presented with a Grammy.

The tape was in excellent shape and there were no issues with the transfer. There is a bit of hiss, but it is nothing too distracting.
It is a good mix and sounds great for being recorded in 1985. 8-9/10

Koko Taylor-Vocals
Bernard Allison-Lead Guitar
Michael Robinson-Rhythm Guitar
Jerry Murphy-Bass
Vince Chappell-Drums

01) MC Intro
02) Boogie Chillen
03) Koko's Intro
04) Let the Good Times Roll
05) I'm a Woman
06) Come to Mama
07) Beer Bottle Boogie
08) I'd Rather Go Blind
09) Sweet Home Chicago
10) Wang Dang Doodle