Name:Koko Taylor

Venue/Date:Shades Prairie View IL. Dec 21 1991

Source:SBD>Master Cassette>Cool Edit Pro>CDWave>Flac8

Comments:Night two of a two day run at the north shores primere Blues Club. There is PA noise in this tape Old building old electrical system=noise in pa.I left some of the buzz only at the end of this show.Maybe someone one day can use the fancy pro tools to clean it up or explain it to me. I do have Cool Edit and Sound Forge, and would love to learn.

1 I Love you Baby?
2 Sweet Home Chicago
3 Intro Koko>Let the Good Times Roll
4 Fishing Trip
5 Beer BarBoogie
6 IM A Woman
7 Jump For Joy
8 I'd Rather Go Blind
9 Come to Mama
10 Queen Bee
11 Hey Baby
12 It's a Dirty Job
13 Wang Dang Doodle (Muffled Sound For some of song)
14 I Cant let Go