Name:Koko Taylor and The Blues Machine

Venue/Date:Shades Prarie View IL. May 29,1992

Source: Uncirculated Master SBD Casette>Cool Edit Pro>CDWAVE>Flac8

Comments:More from the Shades vault decent mix one more from the Queen. I had the tape listed as pt 2. I think I missed the first set if memory serves me,however some of my memories of my times at Shades were distorted. Regardless this is all I have so enjoy.

1Make Me Feel Like Dirt
2 Sweet Home Chicago
3 Koko Intro/Let The Good Times Roll
4 Fishin Trip
6 Let Me Love You Baby
7 Im A Woman
8 Jump For Joy
9 Id Rather Go Blind
10 Come Home To Mamma
11 Hey Baby
12 Queen Bee
13 Wang Dang Doodle (Cut)