Koko Taylor & The Blues Machine
Riverside Theater,
Milwaukee, WI

audience recording
Recording rig: Sonic Studios DSM-6P mikes>Sony WMD-6C>Maxell XLII-S 100 (dolby C)
Lineage: master tape>Harmon Kardon TD 302, heads aligned to tape, dolby C decoded>CDRW-DA>WAV(Tracking via wavepad)>FLAC (level 6) via traderslittlehelper>ZIP>megaupload
Field recording all other mastering by arfarf, no EQ or other sweetening of what I am hoping is an accurate reflection of the master recording. Master tape to cdr transfer 2009-06-05

01 -INTRO->Intro Jam
02 Something I Can't Let Go
03 Mother Nature
04 Bad Case Of Loving You
05 Hound Dog
06 I'd Rather Go Blind
07 Band Intros
08 Wang Dang Doodle>Outro Jam

arfarf's notes: Koko was the opener in a triple bill, followed by Little Milton (Campbell) and BB King.
My recording seat for these show was row 6 , with the center line of the theater about 4 seats to my left.

As always, this show is posted here at LB101 first.

Dedicated to the immortal spirit of Koko (Cora) Taylor.