Kool And The Gang
Rainbow Theater, London
November 7, 1981

Source: Swiss Radio DRS3 broadcast, July 13, 2007

Lineage: Cable radio > WAV > FLAC

Quality: Excellent

Total running time: 54:27 minutes

Editing: i cut out 2 radio jingles and smoothed those transitions.

md5 checksums included.

1. Take It To The Top
2. Hungin' Out
3. Hollywood Swingin'
4. Jones vs. Jones
5. If You Feel Like Dancin'
6. Steppin' Out
7. Get Down On It
8. Take My Heart
9. Love Festival
10. It's Too Hot
11. Celebration

James Taylor: voc
Robert Bell: bass, background voc
Kevin Bell: keys
George Brown: perc, background voc
Ronald Bell: sax, keys, background voc
Charles Smith: g
Robert Mickens: trp, background voc
Dennis Thomas: as

recorded, edited and seeded at dimeadozen.org by zingapoor, September 2, 2007.