Kool & The Gang
KOOL 105 30th Anniversary Concert
Fiddlers Green Amphitheater
Englewood, Colorado, USA
August 20, 2016

opening for Huey Lewis & The News (not recorded) and The Go-Go's

Lineage: Sony ECM-717 (mic) / Sony PCM-M10 (recorder) > 16/44 > Audacity (for volume boost) > CD wav
(track splitting and downsampling) > FLAC (using Traders Little Helper) level 8

01 Fresh
02 Tonight
03 Too Hot
04 Jungle Boogie
05 Hollywood Swingin'
06 Cherish
07 Ladies Night
08 Get Down On it
09 Celebration

Note: The KOOL concert is something of a summer tradition, for those of a certain age. KOOL has been the local oldies station
since the mid-80s; even then, my friends and I would listen to it for the 50s and 60s music. When they started the annual con-
cert, they would have bands like Fats Domino or Danny & The All-Stars or performers of that ilk, but, now they're booking all
the bands I grew up with - I guess I'm officially an oldie! Last year, Tears for Fears and The B-52s were the headliners - which
was the first KOOL concert either my wife or I had seen. When they announced this year's lineup, since the price was right,
and the location of the venue is near my house, we decided we'd go again.

Kool & The Gang were of particular interest to both of us - we're both rockers, but, are also found of '70s and '80s dance music.
Plus, this isn't the type of group we typically see live; we were both impressed by the energy they brought to the performance.
It's hard to beat synchronized dance moves by the horn section! Plus, they played pretty much hit after hit (was disappointed not
to hear Joanna, but, oh well), so, the crowd around us is noticeably more into the show than they were when The Fixx were playing.

Our seats were pretty far back and to the hard left of the stage, so, the sound was not particularly loud where we were sitting;
as a result, my recording came out much quieter than typical, so, I had to boost all three recordings that I made by a range
of 11-15%. There is very slight clipping - I don't hear, but, I see it on the frequency - in just a couple of spots, but, the
result make it much more listenable. The sun was beating down on us where we sat, but, fortunately, there was a mild breeze; by
the time The Go-Go's came on, the sun had disappeared first behind the walls, then behind the horizon. But, that left us both
pretty tired by the time the last set finished - plus I'd had a couple of adult refreshments - and, being that neither of us
are particularly into Huey Lewis, we felt like skipping out after the Go-Go's wrapped up their set.

As always, this recording would not have been possible if not for the unending patience and support of my wonderful wife. She
takes the mic and recorder in a couple of spots where I need to take a quick bathroom break, so, there might be some changes
in sound at those moments, along with an occasional mic bump or rustle. Overall, with the volume boost, and considering our
seating location, I think these turned out pretty good!

Finally: please don't sell the recording, but, otherwise, do with it what you wish. Share it and trade it, and remember: these
and other greats will not be around forever, so, let's enjoy them while we have them. Best wishes to all of the fans out there
and Namaste.