Kornstad Trio [V2 TomP remaster]
Pizza Express. London
BBC "Jazz On 3" Scandinavian Acoustic Double Bill

Recorded: 2nd July 2002
Broadcast: 20th or 27th Sept 2002

FM > CDR direct > EAc > Nero 8 (editing) > TLH (flac 6 + SBE check + test decode)

Edits: V1 FM phase shift & balance correction, noise print NR at very low setting
V2 Cross-mix channels (99:1 ratio), normalise music vol, reduce applause -2dB

Nice fbauer art is included - thanks !!

Contrast clause: http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=543413 is a re-seed of my original V1, but
with an extra burn / re-rip in the lineage that gives a small but noticeable drop in sound quality, whilst not
including the art / flac tags.

Quality: A++

One of my finest ever FM recordings (and last before moving to proper DAB) dedicated to Fred and Weisi for their
love and great advocacy of Scandinavian jazz, this is the first part of a Jazz on 3 progam that also featured
Atomic (also posted) with thanks to aw4 and other who provided info details.

Now with the recent fbauer flood, I checked out my files and found that a simple channel cross-mix made quite an
improvement in sound quality, so I did a few more changes and fbauer kindly provided his art so you can now have
flac tags too.

TomP post on Dime, Oct.2015...Enjoy one of my personal all time favourites !!

H�kon Kornstad (sax)
Mats Eilertsen (b)
Paal Nilssen-Love(d)

01 - Lawyers > Into Ornette > Arch Shape (29.57)
02 - Q (8.37)

Total = 38:34

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