Kraftwerk - Paradiso 1976

Concert: 11th September 1976, the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Paradiso.
Recorded on: Nakamichi portable tape recorder, TDK D90 tape (normal).
Digitized and mastered using: Original tape/PC Audiocard/Cooledit/CD Wave/dbPowerAmp/FLAC.
Concert details: During the Amsterdam concert on 29th March 2004 Ralf Hütter said they played Trans Europe Express for the first time during a concert in 1976 in Paradiso, Amsterdam. With this recording his comment is made reality.


CD1: (45:04)
1. 00:37 Audience noise
2. 00:30 Intro (meine damen und herren)
3. 00:45 Tuning (of intruments)
4. 12:29 Europe Endless (incl. Goethe poem introduction)
5. 13:06 Kometenmelodie
6. 08:51 Radioactivity
7. 08:46 Airwaves

CD2: (45:07)
1. 10:30 Ohm Sweet Ohm (incl. the Voice of Energy)
2. 14:20 Trans Europe Express (*)
3. 20:16 Autobahn (ending due to tape end)

(*) (first time kraftwerk played this track live)

convert .flac to .wav and use .cue file to burn (EAC will do perfectly)

thanks to Jerome (tape digitization), Peter (tape), Ingmar (poster)