KRAFTWERK (Huetter, Schneider, Bartos, Fluer) 1981-05-27 Palalido, Milano, Italy (reseed)

(Huetter, Schneider, Bartos, Fluer)
(may 27, 1981)
Milano, Italy


audience recording
original vinyl bootleg "Security Device" > CD-R[0] > EAC > wav > Trader's Little Helper > flac
checked for losslessness w/ Audiochecker v2.0 beta (build 457)


cd1 66:20
01. Intro > Numbers > Computer World 10:05
02. Computer Love 6:59
03. Home Computer 6:46
04. The Model 4:21
05. Neon Lights 9:41
06. Geiger Counter > Radioactivity 8:08
07. The Voice Of Energy > Uranium > Die Sonne, Der Mond, Die Sterne > Ohm Sweet Ohm 5:34
09. Autobahn (part 1) 14:42

cd2 42:30
01. Autobahn (part 2) 4:41
02. Trans Europe Express 5:58
03. Metal On Metal 4:22
04. Hall Of Mirrors 5:25
05. Mitternacht > Les Mannequins 8:27
05. Pocket Calculator 6:04
06. The Robots 7:30

total time 108:51 min.

Ralf Huetter - minimoog, Vako orchestron, Farfisa professional piano
Florian Schneider-Esleben - Arp Odyssey, amplified flute, mixer
Karl Bartos - el.perc, vibraphone
Wolfgang Fluer - el.drums

cover artwork inside

I've got this rarity in some trade set up via Soulseek (I don't remember with whom I traded) and I'm pretty sure that this recording was ripped from
the double vinyl bootleg "Security Device" (Tring Trang, SOUND 435 K), released back in 1987. I believe I've received it in raw form at 16-bit quality.
Also, the track "Autobahn" was faded and splitted into two parts in order to fit the whole recording into two vinyls at least - just like in the original bootleg tracking.
The source tape used for this bootleg is exactly the same one used on the very circulated silver bootleg CD "Hyper Cerebral Machine" (Vox Populi, Work 5536-2),
mislabeled as stating to feature the concert at Teatro Apollo, Firenze on May 19th, 1981. Maybe they've ripped this vinyl in order to make this bootleg in CD format
and spread it in an easier way, although in an incomplete form. For me, both sound practically the same.
About the sound quality itself, it appears to be a very pleasant listening recording with a clean and smooth sound - unlike most of the tapes in circulation of this tour
- and it seems to be the best sounding recording amongst all the concerts played in Italy back in May 1981, early on the Computer World Tour.

1970: 'Tone Float' (as Organisation)
1970: 'Kraftwerk'
1971: 'Kraftwerk 2'
1973: 'Ralf Und Florian'
1974: 'Autobahn'
1975: 'Radio-Aktivit�t' (Radio-Activity)
1977: 'Trans Europa Express'
1978: 'Die Mensch-Maschine' (The Man-Machine)
1981: 'Computerwelt' (Computer World)
1986: 'Electric Caf�' (in 2009 title changed to 'Techno Pop')
1991: 'The Mix'
2003: 'Tour De France'
2005: 'Minimum-Maximum' (Live 2004: Warschau, Ljubljana, Riga, Moskau, Paris, Berlin, London, Budapest, San Francisco, Tokio, Tallinn)
2009: 'Der Katalog' (The Catalogue; album Boxset 1974-2003)
2012: 'Der Katalog' (2009 Remaster)



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