Olympic Hall
South Korea
2019-04-26 (26 April 2019)

01 Numbers
02 Computer World
03 It's More Fun to Compute
04 Computer Love
05 The Man-Machine
06 Spacelab
07 The Model
08 Neon Lights
09 Autobahn
10 Geiger Counter / Radioactivity
11 Electric Café
12 Tour de France
13 Trans-Europe Express
14 The Robots
15 - encore break -
16 Pocket Calculator / Dentaku
17 Aéro Dynamik
18 Planet of Visions
19 Boing Boom Tschak / Techno Pop / Music Non Stop

Files split to the best of my ability to match the setlist on

Lineage: Zoom iQ7 > iPhone XR > HandyRec (wav) > MacBook Pro > Audacity (click removal, track splitting) > xACT (flac) > you

My first time seeing Kraftwerk, and they put on a very nice show for me indeed! The Olympic Hall holds about 5000 or 6000 people, I guess, but it was far from sold out. I would estimate that no more than 3000 people were there.

I'm really impressed by how this mic treated the at times bone shatteringly low bass, and how clearly it picks up the overall sound. In all reality, when I play this recording on my decent home sound system, it is a very fair representation of the sound in the hall.

The audience was very well behaved as was to be expected in Korea. I only had one insistent load clapper close by. Thankfully he quit after I gave him a gentle nudge when I couldn't take it anymore during Neon Lights. He was pretty good after that. I used Audacity click removal to dampen the claps a bit, but they are still quite annoying during The Model and the first half of Neon Lights.

At around 59 minutes real time (during Electric Café), the sound changes briefly while I took my phone out of my top pocket to take a single photo. Bonus points if you can hear the shutter sound. The photo is included in the folder to make up for the brief disruption.