Kris Kristofferson & the Strangers
January 11, 2018
Van Duzer Theater
Arcata, CA

The Strangers (Merle Haggard�s band)
Scott Joss-fiddle, guitar, vocals
Doug Colosio-keys
Jeff Ingraham -drums

pc>audacity>CD Wave>TLH(flac)
recorded, transferred and mastered by humdog

t01-Shipwrecked in the 80's
t02-That's the Way Love Goes-Joss vocal
03-Darby's Castle
t04-Me and Bobby McGee
t05-Here Comes That Rainbow Again
t06-Best of All Possible Worlds
t07-Help Me Make it Through the Night
t08-Okie From Muskogie
t09-Casey's Last Ride
t10-Rocket to Stardom
t11-Nobody Wins
t12-Feeling Mortal
t13-From Here to Forever
t14-Broken Freedom Song
t15-Loving Her Was Easier
set 2
t16-Just the Other Side of Nowhere
t17-Duvalier's Dream
t18-Rather Be Sorry
t19-They Killed Him

t20-Jody and the Kid
t21-The Pilgrim
t22-Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink-Joss vocal
t23-To Beat the Devil
t24-Sunday Morning Coming Down

battery issues with preamp left low levels halfway through set 1, last 6 songs set 2 have too much hiss from raising levels to share