The Kundalini Genie
Audience recording 24bit

Recording info: Church Audio CA14 Cardioids -> CA9200 Pre-amp -> Roland R05

Transfer info: Audition (fades->mono->bass boost->+10db->24/48) -> CDWave (track splitting) -> TLH (flac level 8)

Taped and transferred by jamroom - JAM421

01 [03:41] Saturn Has Rhythm
02 [06:58] Gammy Leg
03 [04:44] Don't You Forget It
04 [02:11] equipment problems
05 [06:19] Deja Vu-Vu
06 [05:56] The Soul That Makes Me Yours
07 [04:16] Pictures Of Matchstick Men

Total [34:08]

Band members:

Robbie Wilson - Guitar, Vocals
Julia McTiernan - Guitar, Vocals
Murray Pettit - Drums
? - Bass

Gig Notes:

The band were supporting Gnoomes.

Recording notes and sound quality:

Due to mic wiring problems, I had to make this a mono recording. I boosted the volume by +10db.

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Do NOT sell this recording, trade FREELY!
No art, make you own.