Kurt Rosenwinkel and the Caipi Band
New York, NY
Both Sets

Source-audience capture on Roland Edirol R-05 16 Bit, 44.1 WAV files (internal mics)> WAV files split in Audacity> WAV to Flac conversion TLH> Torrent creation in TLH> TTD

Kurt Rosenwinkel- guitar and vocals
Pedro Martins- guitar, synth, and vocals
Olivia Trummer-piano, synth, vocals
Frederico Heliodoro-bass, vocals
Antonio Louriero-percussion,synth, vocals
Bill Campbell-drums

01 Set 1- Caipi
02 Set 1- Kama
03 Set 1- Band and Song Intros
04 Set 1- Casio Vanguard
05 Set 1- All is Well
06 Set 1- Portuguese
07 Set 1- Recognized
08 Set 1- Interscape
09 Set 1- Little B
10 Set 2- Caipi
11 Set 2- Kama
12 Set 2- Casio Vanguard
13 Set 2- All is Well
14 Set 2- Song for Our Sea
15 Set 2- Recognized
16 Set 2- Little Dream
17 Set 2- Casio Escher
18 Set 2- Little B

Here's the 2nd night that I saw of Kurt and the Caipi band nearly a month ago in NYC. They're in the Orient now and will be doing more gigs over the nest few months back in the States and into Europe. Hoping that we'll eventually hear some more recordings to find out how this material is developing onstage.
Seeding this now because some people had indicated a desire to hear this 2nd night when I upped the show from the 16th. This night is different in that 2 songs played on the 16th went unplayed (Ezra and Hold On). Frederico Heliodoro played a different bass this night that cut seemed a lot more present (a Beatle bass on night one, and a Vox "teardrop" here). Pedro Martins took the solos on both runs through of Portuguese this night compared to Thursday. Guitarist Mike Moreno was in attendance for set 2 of this night too. To my ears, Kurt played his hottest solos of the 2 nights I saw in this set. Not sure if that was pure inspiration, the end show of the run, or Mike's presence.
By way of intro to anyone not familiar with Caipi, here's my info file from the show I uploaded from the 16th:
"This is Kurt's new live band to tour a project that was 10 years in the making, his new album, Caipi. The material is very different from things he's done before in that it's very vocal with some lyrics in English and Portuguese. That said, to my ears, it's unmistakenly Kurt Rosenwinkel. I think that's down to the way he writes music. This material also has a Brazilian flavor (and 3 Brazilians in the live band), but it's not "let's do a bossa or samba feel on this" time. That too is down to the way Kurt writes.
The playing is all first rate, and anyone wanting or expecting to hear Kurt's soloing will hear that to great effect, but it's going to be in the context of more "arranged" music that doesn't just go from the head into solos. As for the vocals, lead voices on the songs shift from person to person. Some songs feature multiple voices and there's lots of reverb and processing which does fit the music. You'll also hear Pedro Martins take the guitar solo on Portuguese in set 2. He's a terrific player too.
I found it a real treat to hear both Portuguese and Recognized from Kurt's late 90's unreleased Under it All album done here with "proper" lyrics. All is Well is a really cool and apparently new song that has really grown on me. All is Well, Hold On, and the end of Little B find Kurt kind of rocking-out, but again in his own way. Anyone familiar with his live shows since about 2007 will probably have heard Kama, Ezra, Little Dream, and Song for Our Sea played by his more standard quartets and quintets, but it's got to be assumed that this presentation is what he was eventually thinking these tunes would sound like."

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