Kurt Vile & The Violators
Big Indian Springs
Big Indian, New York
September 13, 2018
16bit 44.1 Stereo [SBD]

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Kurt Vile gives a special "performance" from New York�s Catskill Mountains which is actually a rehearsal (with his band the Violators) for his forthcoming album 'Bottle It In'. The album was released on October 12 on the Matador label and guests Kim Gordon, Mary Lattimore, Cass McCombs, Warpaint�s Stella Mozgawa, and others. A massive tour to promote the new record is currently underway (as of this writing 12/2/18).

Tracklist (with some talking and fanageling between songs)
01 Intro- Is it Rolling?
02 Loading Zones
03 Check Baby
04 Bassackwards
05 One Trick Ponies
06 Cold Was the Wind
07 Hysteria
08 Skinny Mini
09 Wakin on a Pretty Day

Total Time = 00:52:28