LA Express
A&M STudios
Los Angeles, California
Genre: Jazz

Stereo Soundboard
Quality: A+

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The L.A. Express was a legend here in Los Angeles, playing regularly
at the Baked Potato. Featuring Tom Scott and Larry Carlton, the group
rocked. Well, Tom Scott and Larry Carlton left for a solo careers in 1975
and were replaced with David Luell and Robben Ford. These tracks catch
the group in that transition. These are outtakes from their 1976 album,
L.A. Express and consist of 3 actual songs, significantly different than
the officially realeased versions and some jam sessions.

Set List

1. Jam No. 1
2. Jam No. 1
3. Jam No. 1
4. Tuning and Dead Air
5. Jam No. 1
5. Jam No. 2
6. Stairs
7. Cry of the Eagle
8. Tuning and Dead Air
9. Western Horizon
10. Jam No. 3
11. Jam No. 4
12. Jam No. 4
13. Midnight Flite


Victor Feldman, Keyboards, Vibraphone and Percussion
Robben Ford, Guitar
Max Bennett, Bass
John Guerin, Drums and Percussion
David Luell, Saxophone

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