PISA 1987-02-21 Steve Lacy sextet

May be this was the last Lacy concert in Pisa, it was a great gig with the sextet at its best, but the venue was awful.
The local theatre was closed for some work, so the concerts had as venue a big marquee, the acoustic was one the worst that i ever found.
The tape was made with a cassette recorder, Marantz Superscope, and a Sony mic (i don't remember the model) , great machineries for the period.
Now , after 30 years, i tried to digitalize the music, but the result is not thrilling.
I used another player, a cheap one; may be that the order on tape was not correct (perhaps some transfer from original tape to another),
some piece have missing parts (ended side during recording at concert?), the sound is not very clear, but audible.
I used CoolEdit to remix the original music, with some filter (for noise), so there are some digital artifact.
Anyway it is interesting for Lacy playing; so i send some sample, if you like, enjoy it!

Steve Lacy: soprano, vocals; Steve Potts: alto, soprano; Bobby Few: piano;
Ir´┐Żne Aebi: vocals, violin; Jean-Jacques Avenel: bass; Oliver Johnson:


Lineage is Marantz Superscope with Sony mic, edirol ua 4fx - cool edit: dynamic processing, remix, pan/expand, noise filter, normalization

(P.S. The concert was almost 2 hours: what musician plays 2 hours today? Maybe has no one ideas for 2 hours?)