August 18TH 2010


1. Intro>Sacred Writings

2. Every Minute

3. Give It Again

4. Follow Me Down

5. Maybe Baby

6. ?

7. Forget Me

8. Hard to Find Love

9. Haunted Woman

10. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down + encore break

11. Poet

12. Billy

I didn't catch the name of track 6 and I'm basically guessing on track 1.

Stereo Soundboard Recording

From Master

Lineage: Midas Venice 240 mixing desk>XLR cables>Zoom H4n>WAV @ 44.1/16>HDD via USB>Audacity (track splitting only)>Export Multiple Wavs>Traders Little Helper(align on sector boundaries, convert to flac, generate checksums)>FLAC (level 6)>torrent


Well this was an interesting show. These ladies were opening for Great Big Sea 2 nights after this at Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, and they were a little surprised at the small(ish) turn-out (probably around 100 people). They still gave a great show. Their harmonies are unparalleled, fantastic, and the songwriting is just as good. Someone came up to me during the show and said "I can't believe this!! It's like seeing Fleetwood Mac at the Red Dog!!". I couldn't agree more. They are signed to a major label (I just saw their CD "Haunted Woman" at Wal-Mart!) and look to be going places. They originally got together at a well-known Montreal bar called Grumpys (a lot of musician types hang there) and they talk about that (and many other things) during the course of the show.

NB: The reason the checksum file mentions "Untweaked" wavs is that I did a remaster boosting the bass and some higher frequencies too but it was oversaturated in points, especially during Senja's singing. So I decided to go with the raw untweaked wavs for this torrent, which imho sound pretty good and will sound great with some judicious equalisation.

Ladies of the Canyon are:

Maia Davies (vocals, guitars, mandolin, keyboards)

Senja Sargeant (vocals, guitars, mandolin)

Jasmine Bleile (vocals, guitars)

Anna Ruddick (electric and upright bass, vocals)

Buy their debut CD "Haunted Woman" it's great!!

taped and torrented by hkdave on dime Sept. 2010

share the music far and wide, but never as MP3s!!

Enjoy folks!!