Lady Antebellum
August 8, 2015
Wheels Up Tour
Walnut Creek Amphitheatre
Raleigh, NC

Sony PCM-M10 Linear PCM Recorder (internal mics, auto levels, low-sensitivity mic setting) > cdwav (saved FLAC 6) > DIME > you

Recorded from the lawn, far left side, in the wonderful, smoke-free family section...

My 16-year-old daughter likes this band so the Mrs and I took her and a friend to the big show. This genre is not really my cup of tea, but since I am compulsive about
recording every concert I attend, I figured I'd throw it up here to see if any fans of this band would like to hear it. Not my best recording, but a pretty good capture
of what we heard out on the lawn. There was no one around me so there is little chatter, singing, etc to distract from the music.

Don't know any of the songs, so hopefully someone will post the setlist. Also, we left before the last tune, so the encore is incomplete.

Please let me know if you enjoy the recording, and as always, do anything you'd like with this offfering except sell it, because that ain't cool....