Lady Maisery
Bremen, Germany

01 Sing for the morning (Rowan Rheingans)
02 Quit joys of brotherhood (Richard Fari´┐Ża)
03 Minoorne Labajalg / Elin's trail (Trad., elin Lyth)
04 The crow on the cradle (Sydney Carter)
05 Palaces of gold (Leon Rosselson)
06 The colour of amber (Trad.)
07 My boy Jack (Peter Bellamy, Rudyard Kipling)
08 Bagpipers (Trad.)
09 Sheila's 70 (Hannah James)
10 Har du sett (Trad.)
11 Lads & lasses (Trad.) / Nottamun fair (Trad.)
12 Let no man steal your thyme (Trad.)
13 Constant Billy / The lie of the land (Trad., andy Letcher)
14 Order & chaos (Hazel Askew)
16 The sun returns (Hannah James, Rev. John Newton)
17 Katie Cruel (Trad.)
18 The Woman's work (Kate Bush)
19 Sleep on beloved (Sankey, Doudney, Trad)
20 Land on the shore (Trad.)

Hazel Askew, Hannah James, Rowan Rheingans

min 84:47

FM (analog cable) - Audacity - xACT

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