Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Sanders Theater
Cambridge, MA

Audio Technica AT853 (mono) > battery box > Rockboxed iRiver H140 > Audacity (normalized, glitch-fixed, cut into pieces) > FLAC

1. Unknown title
2. Unomathemba
3. This is the way we do
4. Unknown title
5. Unknown title
6. Hello my baby
7. (Teaching the audience to sing, etc.)
8. Yinhle Lentombi
9. (Homeless intro)
10. Homeless
11. (Title unknown - there was a lot of dancing)
12. Applause
13. Shosholoza
14. Applause, saying goodbye

I had recorded this mainly as a trial run for my new recording setup, but it came out well enough that I think fans of LBM will enjoy it. (I will upload a sample)

There were a few electronic glitches, I fixed them to the best of my ability but you can still hear a few little clicks. Nothing serious.

There was an intermission between tracks 6 and 7 which was removed, and I removed some extra chatter about the intermission (we're taking a break, go buy our CDs type stuff).

There is a good amount of dancing during the show; sometimes you will hear the volume drop dramatically and that is because they were doing something away from the mics. Not much I can do with that, audio-wise. I was sitting close enough that the mics still picked up the non-amplified singing, though.